Students welcomed the local community to take part in fun, interactive experiences at Outburst festival yesterday.

The festival, hosted by Oxford Brookes University at Pegasus Theatre in Oxford, saw families join in with activities such as painting, Tai Chi and Augmented Reality.

Its aim was to unite students with the people of Oxford through creative ways.

Festival organiser, Angus Phillips, said they received a great turnout.

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He said: "We saw lots of people joining it. Our Thai Chi classes were really well attended as well as the talk by chef Sabrina Ghayour and the performance by Oxford Brookes Jazz Band where about 80 people attended."

Mr Phillips said students gave up a lot of their time for the festival.

He said: "There was lots of student involvement, especially in the creative arts activities. The festival allowed people to get involved in lots of different ways."

There was a student racing car in the foyer that children and adults could sit in and students played guitars and keyboards during the lunchtime break.

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Planning for Outburst started last October and Mr Phillips said its important to offer a good variety of activities for people to enjoy.

He said: "We're always on track to get names of people to invite but it's just whether people are available to come down. Having a good mix of activities -like the Augmented Reality that we had this year - is really important."

The festival ran over three days but activities were held on Saturday.

CARU performed The Swamp and the Sail on Thursday and Taking Flight Theatre performed Peeling on Friday.