DEPSITE the distinctive bright and blue orange feathers of a Kingfisher making it easy to spot against autumnal backgrounds, the elusive birds are notoriously difficult to photograph.

Perhaps that’s why they prove such a popular subject for our camera club members – and why this stunning snap is all the more impressive.

Duncan Becker is the photographer behind the image which was snapped at Port Meadow during a frosty walk this morning.

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The first Camera Club profile: Ian Jones

He shared an album of pictures of the bird glistening in the morning sun whilst having a clean up with its beak.

He captioned the images: “A female kingfisher preening in the early morning sun today.”

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This week’s theme for the Oxford Mail Camera Club is ‘green’ and a full two-page spread of our favourite images will appear in Friday’s paper.

A winner will be announced in Saturday’s edition.

Happy Snapping!