THE Liberal Democrats and Green Party have formed another pact, this time for the South Oxfordshire District Council elections.

The parties said they would not fight each other in Cherwell council's elections last week.

In South Oxfordshire, the Lib Dems have nominated 23 candidates and the Greens nine.

Robin Bennett, who will stand for the Greens in Berinsfield, said: "We believe politics should be about working together for our local community.

"For too long, our local council has been dominated by a small group who do not represent the best interests of local residents and our beautiful rural district, but instead seem determined to concrete over as much of it as possible, by supporting inappropriate housing developments and the Oxford-Cambridge expressway."

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Laura Coyle, the Lib Dems' spokeswoman for South Oxfordshire, said: “We think residents deserve better and to have a wider range of views represented.

"That’s why Greens and Liberal Democrats are working together to bring grown-up politics to South Oxfordshire."

Ten of the Conservative councillors on South Oxfordshire District Council will step down, including its former leader, John Cotton.

All local elections will be held on May 2.