HORSE owners have been urged to beware after two of the animals were 'cut' in apparent attacks.

Police said two horses in the Faringdon area 'sustained cuts to their bodies,' one on March 30 and another on March 31.

Officers advised horse owners to be 'vigilant' and consider installing CCTV.

The force did not offer any further details about the locations of the incidents or how serious the injuries were, but said they are investigating the cases as criminal damage.

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Thames Valley Police issued this advice:

- Make regular checks of the fields where horses are kept to check that fences haven’t been breached and that no one else is in the field with them.

- Secure tack room windows on the inside with solid iron bars (not tubular steel).

- Secure all doors with good quality locks; use bolts (not screws) on the hinges.

- Mark your tack using an ultraviolet pen.

- Display warning signage to deter thieves.

- Padlock gates with substantial padlocks and heavy duty chains.

- Reverse top hinges on gates to prevent lifting.

- Install security lights and an intruder alarm.

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Any suspicious activity involving livestock can be reported via 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on their dedicated rural crime number 0800 783 0137.