OXFORD City Council denies removing flags from a leave-supporting resident's house.

'No-deal' backer Dave Shorter, 62, claims the council caused criminal damage by ripping down his pro-Brexit banners yesterday morning.

Oxford Mail:

Oxford-born Mr Shorter has a collection of Brexit-favouring flags adorning his house just off Botley Road.

He claims the council tried to take them down this morning 'because (they are) upsetting people' but the council denies any involvement.

Oxford Mail:

Mr Shorter, who says he works on a nearby allotment, explained: "The council said earlier this week 'take the flags down because you're upsetting people'."

Then, this morning, he claims "a council operative ripped all my flags down and walked of with them.

"I reported it to the police as criminal damage."

Oxford Mail:

He says he stopped the man while he was walking off with the items.

Noting that the council flew the EU flag on the day Britain was due to leave, Mr Shorter continued: "What do you think Brexiteers thought of that?

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"It (the atmosphere around Brexit) is changing now - the council are getting nasty.

"Its terrible what they've done."

He says his flags are getting the message out about backing Brexit.

Council spokesman Mish Tullar said: "The City Council received a complaint this week from a resident of the Bullstake Close about flags/banners etc being affixed to the outside of the building by another resident – against the terms of Council leases.

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"Yesterday Council officers visited the tenant who had put up the flags/banners and explained they would need to be removed. However, the tenant was also informed there was no issue with putting up posters in their window – which is permitted under the terms of the lease.

"No enforcement action has yet been undertaken in this case... One can only surmise that unknown others may have taken matters into their own hands and removed the items, not Council officers."