A ONE-OFF Lego set inspired by the famous Headington 'shark house' has caused disappointment on social media. 

The DIY brick set was made to replicate the 25-foot fibre glass shark which crashed through the roof of Bill Heine's home in 1986. 

Oxford Mail:

Breaking news this morningBill Heine has died

The eccentric broadcaster installed the shark without planning permission, sparking lengthy battles with the council. Oxford Mail:

The set was made as a one-off.

Last year, members of the same council then backed a project to save Oxford's quirkiest tourist attraction and protect it as part of the city's skyline indefinitely. 

Read more about it here. 

The shark house Logo set was designed, and gifted to Mar Hicks who shared the snaps of the designs with her Twitter followers.

Oxford Mail:

The designs for the Lego set.

Oxford locals then flooded the snaps with comments, all hoping to get their hands on a set. 

But, they were left disappointed when American Ms Hicks explained that the set was not actually being made, even as limited edition, but instead - is a one of a kind. 

Oxford Mail:

The Lego set

She told the Oxford Mail: "Apparently when he submitted it to the LEGO ideas site as a candidate to be voted on and possible manufactured, they rejected it because they have a ban on political content.”