THE county council unanimously acknowledged the 'climate emergency' facing the world.

As a result of a motion brought by Labour councillor Damian Haywood and then amended by Conservative councillor Arash Fatamian, the council now 'acknowledges' a climate emergency and that a 'call for action' is required.

Mr Haywood said: "Having spoken to several colleagues of all parties across this chamber, it is clear that disastrous climate change is of concern to us all."

He added his 'next car' will be a bike in an effort to reduce his carbon footprint. Mr Haywood, who has a disabled son, said he will look to get around with him in a wheelchair that can be fixed to a bike.

The council has now pledged to make itself carbon neutral by 2030 and has 'called on' Government to 'provide the powers and resources' to make that target possible.

It will also work with partners on how to meet that challenge.

A report on its progress will now be delivered to the council within six months.

In what was a rather fraught meeting, climate activists told Mr Haywood that they 'loved him' after he had summed up his motion at County Hall.

The county council said it is already taking steps to address climate change.

Later this year, there will be a review of existing commitments to cut carbon emissions by three per cent every year.

It said it has also helped schools across Oxfordshire install more solar panels on their sites.