South Oxfordshire District Council has submitted its Local Plan 2034 for independent examination.

The authority voted to approve the plan, which could see thousands of home built on the green belt, in December last year.

Now, a government-appointed planning inspector will set a timetable for a series of public examination hearings, expected to be held later this year.

FULL STORY: South Oxfordshire District Council accepts Local Plan

The public will be able to attend the examination to witness the proceedings, however only those invited by the Inspector will be able to participate in the hearings.

Dates and a venue for the examination will be confirmed after an Inspector has been appointed.

After the examination has finished the Inspector will issue a report containing a recommendation to either reject the plan, accept it; or accept it with changes.

The Local Plan identifies where housing, retail, and employment land should be located, as well as the infrastructure required to support this growth, including new roads, schools, health services and sewerage.

For more information about the plan, submitted on Friday, see