NUMEROUS Mail readers fell for the paper’s two April Fools’ Day stories.

Readers were told earlier that floating unicycles were set to come to Oxford; while the website ran a similarly-themed ‘Zero Cycling Zone’ (ZCZ) story.

While there was widespread praise and eye-rolling for both, the ZCZ piece appeared to fool more readers.

On Twitter, ‘Prestwich Pootler’ sighed: “Awful to see proposals for a no-cycling zone, in Oxford of all places.”


- Motorists hit back as 'Zero Cycling Zone' planned for Oxford

- Oxford poised to get floating dockless unicycles

Rebecca McKnight also had a heartfelt reaction, explaining: “I am very pro-cycling and my family cycle around Oxford all the time. If all cyclists rode sensibly, adhering to the basics of the highway code... motorists would be less frustrated.”

Sifu Dace also took the bait, adding: “Did I just read, the driver wanted to puncture a tyre because cyclist pushed her/him out of cycle lane? Then drivers wonder why cyclists (don't use) narrow cycle lanes.”

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Yasir Hussain backed the 'ZCZ', while Jackie Couling sympathised with fictional council spokesperson ‘April Loof’, calling her a ‘poor thing’- without realising what her surname spelt backwards. Pat Luckett really kicked off, commenting: “IF THIS IS AN APRIL FOOL JOKE… ITS NOT FUNNY”.

Oxford Mail:

Meanwhile, Lewis Walsh called unicycles a 'very bad idea', asking: "What next... Oxford is in a mess with unwanted bikes dumped in the streets... stop now."

Jerry Co was more considered, writing: "But for the date, I'm sure most wouldn't bat an eyelid if this came out the council."

Meanwhile, Oxford University made a video on studying the winning strategy behind the game 'snap'.

The worthy joke was narrated by 'Professor Jo(anne) King'.