UNRULY teenagers are leaving smashed bottles and empty cans of alcohol littered across a children's play area on an estate, frustrated residents claim.

A group of dog walkers on Shilton Park, Carterton, were out picking up rubbish from the playground's sandpit and green spaces at 6.30am yesterday.

They have noticed similar littering on several occasions in recent weeks and believe the problem is being caused by a group of '12 to 14' teenagers who congregate in the area on weekend evenings.

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One resident of 15 years, who asked to remain anonymous, said they were part of the group of four who picked up 'half a carrier bag' of bottles and 15 empty cans on Sunday.

They added: "I've never seen anything like this in all my life.

"It was like somebody dropped a bomb there.

"A child could be playing in the sandpit with glass all around and easily lose a toe or a foot."

The littering appears to be particularly serious on weekends, with the resident saying they often see the group he believes is responsible congregate near the playground.

Despite Sunday's clear-up, rubbish was already scattered across the park when the homeowner walked through the area this morning.

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They added that one neighbour told him two syringes had also been found near the sandpit, alongside other litter in the area. They have contacted West Oxfordshire district councillors in the area and reported the issue to Thames Valley Police.

Shilton Park is the biggest of Carterton's housing estates, but the resident fears its green spaces could be tarnished if the littering is allowed to continue.

They said: "We've got a lovely country park and they're destroying it. It's mindless.

"It's going to get worse when they're on their Easter holidays.

"The danger is we get to the stage where we're picking rubbish up every single day."