WE all love our mums, and with today being Mother's Day, we decided to celebrate some of the super-mums right here in Oxfordshire.

One mum from Kennington, 53-year-old Dawn Harrower, not only beat cancer in 2016, but recently had a kidney transplant.

Oxford Mail:

Her daughter, Morgan Harrower-Manning, said: "My mum is the most inspirational woman ever.

"She brought up my brother and I as a single parent.

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"As we were growing-up, she juggled looking after us and she went back to university to get her degree in social work."

Miss Harrower is still single, which her daughter says is because she wants to put her children first.

She added: "Although my mum has had many health scares over the past few years, she never gives up hope and is the most loving and supporting individual ever.

"She was so positive throughout this hard time. I love you mum, you are truly amazing."

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Gemma Tinson’s mum, Lynda Tinson, who lives in Garsington, had a ‘traumatic’ experience just this year when her sister-in-law passed away while on holiday in Dominica.

Oxford Mail:

The 67-year-old took her sister-in-law abroad to give her a break from treatment she was having for multiple medical conditions.

She sadly passed away at the swimming pool and Lynda was unable to catch a flight back home, leaving her stranded in Dominica for 10 days on her own.

Her daughter said: “It was the most awful, traumatic experience.

"They had known each other since they were 21 years old and I was always considered her niece and she was my aunt.

"My mum was so far away from home and her family. She is amazingly strong, trying to carry on her life and duties as wife, mother, grandmother and daughter-in-law.

"She is always doing something for someone whether that be cooking, cleaning, washing, nothing is ever a problem. Her family is everything to her and she deserves the world."

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Teresa Rose, 49, from Cutteslowe, mum of Megan Rose, was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in 2014 and emphysema in 2016.

Oxford Mail:

Her daughter says she has still managed to keep her and her siblings happy as well as help with her mental health.

She said: “Since being diagnosed with emphysema, she has been unable to do a lot of things, but she has always made sure me, and my siblings are happy. She is a survivor of domestic violence too.

“Even though my mum is battling mental health she has helped me with PTSD and without her I know I wouldn’t be here today because she saved my life.”

Amir Ali says his mum always puts him and his three sisters first, despite the medical challenges that she has faced.

Oxford Mail:

His mum, 61-year-old Sufia Khanom, from Cowley, has had two heart attacks as well as her toe amputated due to diabetes.

He said: "Even when my mum was in hospital, she would still check up on me. She would always make sure I've eaten and that I'm safe.

"My mum has never failed to look after me the same way as she did when my mum was fit and healthy in her young days.

"I want to show my mum how much I love her and thank her and how grateful I am for her sacrifices."

Although Mr Ali was born in the UK, his parents are originally from Bangladesh.

He added: "Mums - no matter what - all love and care for you from their hearts. I want to show my mum how much I love her and thank her for everything she has done and does for me. I want to make this Mother's Day special for her."

Another mother who is adored by her children is 60-year-old Sonia Adams from Sutton Courtenay.

Oxford Mail:

Her son, Brian Adams, 38, said: “My mum has shown love and understanding to her entire family every moment of her life and asks nothing in return. She’s never faltered once."

He added: "Inspiration is often referenced in what we perceive as the extraordinary, the extra mile, the unique. Although these are of course worthy of their notoriety, it is the anonymous calm of unconditional love and caring that is my inspiration.

"It’s true that not all heroes wear capes, but my mum is one half of a heroic parenting team that truly deserve the word incredible. Happy Mother's Day mum, love you."

Jayde Hopkins says her mum, Jacquie, from Littlemore, is her ‘hero’.

Oxford Mail:

She said: “She has been my rock, shoulder to cry on, friend and an awesome Nannie to my little boy.”

Her mum, who is 62-years-old and has five children, works at the Oxford Academy secondary school as a catering assistant.

Her daughter added: "My mum has always put us children first and made sure we never go without. She has always put her life on pause for the sake of her children to provide, support and love us."

Sophie Harris says her mum, Hannah Harris, 38, from Witney, is the 'most extraordinary woman ever'.

Oxford Mail:

Her mum was put into a coma and diagnosed with HLH, a very rare disease.

Her 15-year-old daughter said: "She was in a coma for several weeks with many occasions where they didn’t think she would survive. Then one day she woke up which nobody expected. She then had to try and start her life again."

"After weeks of strengthenig, she stood up for the first time. It was the best feeling ever. After a couple of weeks she walked for the first time, it was amazing."

She added: "She has always been there for me - no matter what - and her love is unconditional."