BUS passengers arriving in Oxford in November 1985 had 'no idea' where they were.

A temporary bus station had been set up in Oxpens due to work at Gloucester Green, causing confusion.

Farmer's wife Noreen Reynolds had arranged to meet her cousin when she arrived at 11pm on a Friday night.

But finding herself in a 'longely, windswept' site, she had to team up with a fellow passenger to find her way.

The site had little in the way of amenities with just a small portacabin with cafe and ticket office of offer.

A sign marking the temporary station was said to be 'barely visible' from the road and a map had been smashed in by vandals.

Mrs Reynolds said: "I think the coach company should really get its act together.

"If I had no relatives in Oxford and had arrived on my own I would have been terribly worried."