DRIVERS seeking a toilet stop or sustenance for a rumbling stomach could do a lot worse than to stop at Cherwell Valley, according to a new survey. 

The service station at J10 of the M40, near Bicester, has ranked second of 112 service stations across the UK.

The Welcome Break Oxford Services at J8A, near Wheatley, also ranked highly, coming 13th. 

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Research was compiled by Northgate Vehicle Hire and rated each service station out of 100.

Its assessment accounted for the number of amenities and quality of the service, including restaurants, parking spaces, bathroom facilities and hotels.

Oxford Mail:

The top 10 list from Northgate Vehicle Hire

Cobham services on the M25 in Surrey came top of the list, boasting 13 restaurants, 4,260 parking spaces, showers, and a launderette.

The UK's worst service station was named as Todhills (south) on the M6, near Gretna Green, with just a BP garage and a small Wild Bean Café on site.

Cherwell Valley was rated 94.80 out of 100, with 10 food outlets, a hotel rating of 3.8, and 2,050 parking spaces.

Oxford was rated 86.40, with eight food outlets, a hotel rating of 3.5 and 620 parking spaces.

Despite a high spot in the table, Cherwell Valley Services has a rating of just 2.5 of 141 reviews on Tripadvisor.

The latest is a five-star review, however, which describes staff as 'lovely.'

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