PLANS to build a cycle lane between Oxford and Eynsham have been dealt a blow after they were dropped from a key funding bid.

Oxfordshire County Council has left out the proposed path alongside the B4044 from its application to the Housing Infrastructure Fund, according to the campaign group Bikesafe.

Ian Leggett, the chairman of the group, said he was still unclear why the plans had been pulled at a late stage, despite being included in all the consultations events in the run-up to the submission.

The group has long argued the road is unsafe for non-car drivers and wants a designated path connecting Botley, Farmoor and Eynsham.

Mr Leggett said: "Even after holding meetings with the council, I'm still unclear what happened.

"It seems they believe the inclusion of the path would weaken the funding bid.

"Quite how that works, I still don't know.

"We are now in a situation where everybody is talking about climate change and the need to take action now but the council's main proposal is to build a duel carriageway between Oxford and Witney.

"It is a blow to the thousands of people who would like to cycle along this stretch of road but they are scared stiff."

Mr Leggett added that the group would now be attempting to lobby elected councillors to look again at the bike path proposals.

The group has previously raised £150,000 and commissioned their own studies and designs to show the 5km path is viable and wouldn't disrupt traffic.