SOME 150 GPs and community workers have been trained up so they can spot the signs that someone might be at risk of getting involved in knife crime or drug exploitation.

Oxford's public spaces drugs taskforce, which launched six months ago, has carried out the training to help those who regularly come into contact with vulnerable people be more informed about the risks.

Experts from the Oxford City Council, in partnership with Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire County Council, launched the taskforce as a direct response to rising concerns from residents about open drug dealing and drug taking in the city.

The body targets three areas of the city at a time and carries out bespoke activity to make it harder to deal or use drugs in the area.

This could include patrols of the area, clearing foliage to improve sightlines, improving street lighting, or installing security measures such as CCTV cameras.

County Lines drug dealers, as well as exploiting young people, also exploit vulnerable adults by taking over their homes to use as a base to store and distribute drugs in a practice known as ‘cuckooing’.

The City Council, Thames Valley Police, Oxfordshire County Council and other support services are working closely to protect vulnerable people from cuckooing, including through closure orders and injunctions to protect vulnerable residents.