ANOTHER 'school strike' saw Bonn Square filled with youngsters demonstrating over climate change today.

Around 1,000 people – including primary and secondary pupils, sixth formers and university students – joined countless others demonstrating in various locations on every continent.

The walkout is the second time in as many months that Oxfordshire pupils have missed classes to draw attention to the climate crisis, after around 2,000 joined a similar strike in February.

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Today's affair was smaller, as fewer schools openly embraced the idea.

But organisers Oxford Youth Strike 4 Climate say there are 'no excuses' on climate anymore and did not rule out more strikes.

Spokesman Oscar Idle said: "The school strikes have shown the world that this is the issue of our time.

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"Young people have chosen the climate crisis, not Brexit, not anything else. There is consensus for systematic change for a greener society, and a greener planet.

"This radical change must happen now. No excuses. No one is exempt from responsibility."

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Further action seems likely to depend on what happens next with the global and national movement, inspired by Swedish teen Greta Thunberg, who is now in her 30th week of striking on a Friday and has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Protesters enthused by the global turnout gathered in Bonn Square from 11am, armed with artistic placards and environmental slogans. They listened to various speakers and marched through central Oxford.

Oxford Mail:

Babies, toddlers, parents and the elderly were all represented, but the vast majority were teenage school and sixth form students, who organised the event.

Oxford Mail:

Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran – who had addressed the strikers alongside prominent environmentalist George Monbiot at the last action – changed her stance to say that students should not have to make their voices heard twice.

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And in another notable change of tone, the government released a message praising striking pupils' aims, which environment secretary Michael Gove started by saying "we agree".

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But protesters are not convinced that enough action is being taken on the issue.

Linnet Drury, 16, from Oxford Spires, said: "We need to convince our world leaders to act. Many people have criticised them for acting like children over this issue.

"I think that this strike is testament to the fact that they should try and act more like us. We are the ones who are using everything in our power to act... if they don't, then nothing will change."

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Earlier this week, an Oxford headteacher claimed some students had missed classes at the last strike – which was one of the country's biggest – only to not attend the demo.

Meanwhile Westgate store Lush offered 'massages' to strikers and a free placard making area.

The United Nation have warned that there are only 12 years to take urgent action to cut the risk of extreme heat, drought, floods and poverty.