LAYLA Moran is favourite to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats, after Sir Vince Cable announced he would stand down.

Sir Vince says his time in the role will end in May – unless there is a snap general election – with a leadership contest set to take place.

UPDATE: Moran still silent on leadership question

Neither Ms Moran or her office have yet responded to questions about whether she will run, with the Oxford West and Abingdon MP thought to have her eyes on the job at some point in the future.

Deputy leader Jo Swinson and home affairs spokesman Ed Davey are also being tipped as candidates.

Supporters have urged former teacher Ms Moran to throw her hat in the ring after she tweeted the news of Sir Vince's forthcoming departure.

The Lib Dem education spokeswoman wrote: 

A wave of supporters then pleaded with Ms Moran to stand, just two years after she took her seat in the Commons following her narrow win over Conservative Nicola Blackwood - who is now a baroness.

However, some are not entirely convinced, citing a lack of experience as a potential stumbling block.

The Liberal Democrats are the joint fourth largest group in Westminster, with 11 sitting MPs, but could play an important role in any future parliament without a majority government. 

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