A DERELICT town centre 'eyesore' will be revitalised after plans to build 46 new homes were given the green light.

Councillors approved an application to develop the former site of The Osprey pub on Upavon Way, Carterton, where part of a disused Esso petrol station still stands.

The land has been branded 'a waste' and 'embarrassing' by residents, but it will soon be occupied by affordable homes.

West Oxfordshire District Council's Lowlands Area Planning Sub-Committee unanimously voted in favour of the plans on Monday, which came as a great relief to Carterton North East councillor, Norman MacRae.

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The district council cabinet member had earlier branded the site a 'blight' on the horizon and has long called for new homes.

He said: "I support the application very strongly - we need affordable homes in the district. The area is like a post-World War Two bomb site, whereas the new site looks lovely."

Maxine Crossland, councillor for Carterton North West, added: "This has been a very long time in coming and I was delighted to see this before us again.

"It's more than overdue."

Every home on the site will be affordable, through a mix of affordable rents and shared ownership, and will be a mix of flats and houses.

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The pub and petrol station closed about 15 years ago, but some filling station buildings remain.

Fencing was put up at the site, but this did not stop arsonists setting fire to the petrol station in 2017.

Two teenage boys were arrested after the blaze ripped through the building, with three fire engines attending the scene.

Nearby homeowners have long called for the site to be addressed, with Cottsway Housing Association contacting all residents 'within the immediate vicinity of the site' before submitting the application.

One letter supporting the plans said: "Much needed housing will be welcomed, especially if it is aimed at first time buyers and those needing support to buy or rent."

At Monday's meeting, Duncan Enright, councillor for Witney East, proposed calling the site Osprey Close.

Planning officers also revealed Oxfordshire County Council had not yet carried out a consultation on the impact on highways.

The Environment Agency has said more investigations are needed to assess whether the soil around the site is contaminated.