A PIECE of cladding has 'fallen off' a tower block as high winds continue to batter Oxfordshire. 

The recently-replaced cladding in Plowman Tower, Northway, came off on Monday, according to people who live there. 

Oxford City Council has confirmed the incident and said it is looking into what happened. 

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One resident, who asked not to be named, said the piece of metal cladding was more than 15 foot in length. 

Oxford Mail:

He said it has come off the side of the building at its tenth floor at the back and the damage can be seen from the new car park. 

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Debris has been cleared up as the missing cladding is nowhere to be seen. 

He added: "It happened in high winds but you'd think it should be able to withstand these sorts of weather conditions."

Plowman is being refurbished as part of a complete overhaul of all five Oxford City Council-run tower blocks.

Structural repairs were carried out, new cladding was installed and communal electrics and fire safety systems were updated.

The refurbishment was expected to extend the life of the flats for at least 30 years.

A yellow weather warning for wind is in place across the entire county.

The Met Office is warning of potential transport disruption due to strong west to northwesterly winds which will continue until 3pm today.