READERS have called for known trouble makers to be evicted from council properties after one family spoke out about being plagued by anti-social behaviour. 

Reacting to yesterday's Oxford Mail story about Ian Wassell's ongoing problems in Field Avenue, Blackbird Leys, some said they felt councils should take action sooner if any of their tenants were found to be involved in criminal activity.

Mr Wassell said his young family no longer felt safe in their own home due to problems with drugs and anti-social behaviour in the Oxford City Council-run block of flats where he lives. 

The 30-year-old said the problems had got so bad, the family wanted to be moved away. 

Oxford Mail:

One commentator said she had had similar problems elsewhere on the estate and reported them to the same council but hadn't seen any changes.

Another reader said they went through something similar in Reading ten years ago.

They added: "It made us all depressed, scared, angry and shocked over the way it seemed there was no-one who cared about us."

Oxford City Council wouldn't comment on specific cases but Mr Wassell said he had been advised to build up a body of evidence before they would look at taking action.

The council has recently put closure orders in place on flats in Oxford where drug dealers have 'cuckooed' vulnerable occupants.

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Councillor for Blackbird Leys, Linda Smith, said she had been involved in the case and was continuing to try to help.

Some said they didn't recognise the picture painted of the estate, saying they rarely experienced these sorts of problems.

One reader said: "I live on BBL and have done for the last decade or so. I think I must live on a different estate, I'm happy to walk the dog in the evenings and never see any trouble."

Others said they had experienced more crime while living in other areas of Oxford.