A LARGE knife discovered lurking in a public place in Oxford has been confiscated by police.

The blade was seized by officers in Blackbird Leys today, but officers stressed they do not think it is linked to any particular crime.

An exact location was not stated but police said the knife had been seen in an 'open space.'

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Thames Valley Police tweeted a photo via its TVP Oxford account, adding: "Blackbird Leys neighbourhood policing team seized a knife from an open space today, not thought to be linked to a crime."

Officers reminded followers that Operation Sceptre will run from tomorrow until Sunday, the name of a national knife amnesty during which people can deposit any weapons in special bins without fear of punishment for having possessed them in the first place.

TVP Oxford added in the tweet: "Surrender knives to St Aldates Police Station, no questions asked."

Just two weeks ago police seized an eight-inch kitchen knife found in Blackbird Leys, and another in October after a member of public reported 'seeing it unattended' on the estate.

On Wednesday, a surge in knife crime across the country prompted the ex-Thames Valley Police chief constable Sara Thornton to warn of a national 'emergency.'

The day before, a gang admitted carrying out a stabbing in Blackbird Leys Park in September.

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The three men are due to return to Oxford Crown Court on Friday to be sentenced.