THEIR children have fought some of the hardest battles of their lives in hospital, now a team of parents are battling the OX5 Run to say thanks to the medics that helped them.

A team of about 25 parents, friends and family, are among at least 1,000 gearing up for the Oxford Mail OX5 Run on Sunday, March 24.

Each runner has a link to a child who has battled cancer or been treated for other illnesses at Oxford Children's Hospital.

The group have all bonded during their time on Kamran's Ward and say on their OX5 fundraising page that they are running on behalf of all the 'c

Oxford Mail:

The group have all bonded during their time on Kamran's Ward and say on their OX5 fundraising page that they are running on behalf of all the 'cancer fighters' and 'in memory of those beautiful children stolen by the disease'.

Among those taking part is the Virdee family, including parents Jess and Kulwant running to say thanks for the 'amazing' care in helping son Reuben fight off cancer.


Reuben Virdee was diagnosed just days before his third birthday in December 2016 with stage four neuroblastoma- a cancer which forms in the nerve tissue.

Mrs Virdee said the youngster had a pain in his tummy and once they had been given the 'devastating' diagnosis it was soon followed with the news that Reuben's cancer had also spread to his bones.

The mum-of-two said: "We just couldn't believe our little boy was totally full of cancer."

Oxford Mail:

Reuben, from Maidenhead, was quickly transferred to the John Radcliffe after his diagnosis and put on an intense 18-month chemotherapy treatment.


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His mum added: "I can't even say it was like a second home for Reuben because at one point it was really his first home he spent so much time there.

"When I describe it [Oxford Children's Hospital] people think I am strange as I always say it is an uplifting place.

"I just remember feeling hopeful and that is down to combination of things including the fantastic staff who work tirelessly

"They are dedicated to doing their best to make it a positive and happy time for the children, as parents it makes it so much easier."

Reuben was given the all clear in May 2018 and the youngster has been able to start school full time and lives a normal life of a five-year-old.

The family is part of a team running the OX5, sponsored by Allen Associates, at Blenheim Palace to raise money for Oxford Children's Hospital.

Joseph Baker, of Oxford Children's Hospital Charity, said: "It’s fantastic news that Jess and Reuben are joining us for what promises to be the best OX5 yet.

"Every year we are joined by families and friends who all take part for a number of different reasons, whether they are thanking the hospital, remembering a special loved one or want to support their local children’s hospital, without them this event wouldn’t be the success it is.

"We would like to urge family, friends, businesses, clubs and organisations to lace up their trainers and get involved with the fun run which supports our young patients and their families whilst they stay at our very special hospital."

To donate to the team see or to enter the OX5 Run go to