FRUSTRATED residents have accused a private school of 'dismissing' multiple complaints about its sixth formers blocking a road onto an Abingdon estate with their cars.

Students from St Helen and St Katharine's have come under fire for taking up the entirety of Harding Road, with more than two dozen cars said to frequently line the residential street all day during term time.

Jill Burnard, who lives nearby, said: "In the last few years this has escalated to between 20 and 30 cars parked ‘nose to tail’ along almost the whole length of Harding Road, frequently opposite junctions and residents’ drives.

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"Recently, we have found them parked on white advisory no parking lines, making visibility even more difficult."

Ms Burnard said she and other residents were so concerned they did a neighbourhood survey to see how widespread the impact was. Of the around 100 houses which are accessed via Harding Road, almost 80 per cent of responding residents expressed concern about road safety, access for emergency vehicles and pedestrian safety.

Oxford Mail:

She added: "Some minor accidents have already occurred and it is only a matter of time before a more serious accident may happen."

The £5,490-a-term school was also criticised by residents for their response to complaints.

Ms Burnard explained: "Multiple complaints to the school from residents over recent years have been dismissed at best, and often ignored.

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"Whilst conducting our recent survey, it emerged that there is a huge level of resentment at the lack of responsibility being taken by the school over their students’ parking."

A statement from the girls' school, however, insisted it 'briefs students regularly' and 'undertakes checks' regarding parking on the public highway.

It added: "The number of St Helen’s linked cars are considerably less than the 20-30 quoted.

"No communication from local residents is ignored and, indeed, we are currently awaiting a response from councillor Monica Lovatt, Abingdon Fitzharris Ward.

Oxford Mail:

"Were the area designated as residents’ parking rather than unrestricted, we would, of course, advise students accordingly. The problem could have been alleviated, had the school not been refused permission to park cars on one of its subsidiary sites following complaints by local residents."

Ms Lovatt was contacted but did not respond.

It is not the first time the private school, founded in 1903, has been criticised for causing parking issues.

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In 2011, when the school wanted permission to expand from 650 to 800 pupils, Abingdon Town Council objected citing the risk to children from an increase in parents parking.

Residents also said Harding Road was already being used as overspill parking and the school had 'very little consideration' for their neighbours.