POLICE and forensics swarmed a quiet village after a body was found in a burnt-out car.

Villagers reported seeing police in the area, near Wantage, since the early hours of Thursday morning, and in the afternoon also spotted forensic teams.

FRIDAY UPDATE - Police still investigating after body found

Oxford Mail:

Police cordoned off the turning off the A417 opposite Ardington, towards Ardington Wick farm.

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Susan Craddock, of The Oxford Coffee Company in Ardington, said: "I drove past and could see the police had cordoned off the road up to Ardington Wick. There was police tape across the road and forensics.

"There was a police car, a police van, a forensics van and a person in a white suit, plus a community police officer."

Several people in the village told the Oxford Mail that they believe a body has been found.

Oxford Mail:

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service has confirmed it was called to a car fire shortly before 1am.

Thames Valley Police confirmed it was also called to the vehicle on fire about 1am and officers found a body inside the vehicle.

Graham Birks from Sugar & Spice bakery in Ardington said he had seen police at the scene first thing in the morning.

He told the Oxford Mail: "We don't know any real details - I came into work about quarter to seven.

"The police had cordoned off the entrance off the A417 there were police and fire and then there were three cars parked in the turning.

"Someone also said they heard a helicopter over the village in the early hours."

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An investigation into the incident is taking place and police have said the death is being treated as unexplained at this time.