ANIMAL rights activists want to stop real life imitating fiction and are calling for a new film studio to go vegan to prevent a 'dystopian' future.

PETA has written to Rebellion Productions' CEO Jason Kingsley ahead of the opening of its 220,000 sq ft complex in the old Daily Mail printworks near Sutton Courtenay.

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The charity urged Rebellion - creators of the Judge Dredd comic - to prevent Oxfordshire turning in to Mega City One due to environmental destruction.

They wrote: "As you know, in Judge Dredd's fictional world, the earth has been devastated environmentally.

"To survive, inhabitants of Mega-City One live off 'munce', a high-protein plant that fulfils all their dietary needs. Likewise, vegan eating is the solution to avoiding environmental devastation on our earth."

PETA goes on to explain that the United Nations is calling for a global shift towards a plant-based diet due to the damage caused by animal agriculture.

It wants people to switch from consuming cows to eating soya, allowing the harvesting of protein using 97 per cent less land while also slashing global greenhouse-gas emissions.

The letter continued: "And unlike the residents of Mega-City One we don't need to munch on 'munce', as we have a vibrant variety of exciting vegan foods readily available to us."