OXFORD Bus Company and The Oxford Science Park have formed a partnership to boost the app-driven PickMeUp minibus service.

PickMeUp launched by the bus company in June, allows passengers in eastern Oxford to summon minibuses to pick them up on a street corner of their choice, to go to a chosen destination.

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The service, labelled ‘uber for buses’ when it launched, allows customers to use the app to request a pick-up at a number of selected roadside stops, although it only travels the east side of the city and does not visit people’s homes.

The Oxford Science Park has become a formal corporate partner, providing annual investment - a five-figure sum.

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Phil Southall, the bus company’s managing director, said: “The business community repeatedly said they required greater connectivity between commercial centres and the Oxford Science Park has really backed us to help make it a reality.

“More than 30 rides are booked from Oxford Science Park and Kassam Stadium complex daily.”

PickMeUp launched in June.