THERE has been strong reaction from residents to details about 425 houses planned as part of a major estate in North Abingdon.

Here is a roundup of the big housing projects coming to the town and surrounding area.

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Oxford Mail: The full North Abingdon scheme. Picture via David Wilson Homes and BarrattThe full North Abingdon scheme. Picture via David Wilson Homes and Barratt

1. 900 houses on land north of Dunmore Road and Twelve Acres Drive - APPROVED

This scheme was granted outline permission by Vale of White Horse District Council in 2017.

Running alongside the A34, developer CEG also has approval for a school, care home, community hub and sports pitches at the site.

The first phase has now been brought forward by David Wilson Homes and Barratt.

A formal planning application is expected next month.

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Oxford Mail: Dunmore Road development. Picture via Google MapsDunmore Road development. Picture via Google Maps

2. 200 houses on land off Dunmore Road and Wootton Road - APPROVED

Bordered by Dunmore Road and the A34, David Wilson Homes also has approval for 200 homes on the other side of Tilsley Park to the previous application.

A reserved matters application outlining details of the scheme was submitted last month.

Oxford Mail: Dalton BarracksDalton Barracks

3. 1,200 (plus) houses on land at Dalton Barracks - IN LOCAL PLAN

At Shippon, near Abingdon, the site is due to be vacated by the Ministry of Defence in 2029.

In anticipation Dalton Barracks, including Abingdon Airfield, features in Vale of White Horse District Council's Local Plan Part Two for 1,200 homes but there is potential for up to 4,500 in the coming years.

No formal plans have been submitted yet but there has already been controversy over the scheme.

Oxford Mail: Illustrative layout of the Kennington Road developmentIllustrative layout of the Kennington Road development

4. 240 houses on land off Kennington Road - APPLICATION PENDING

Originally submitted in 2017, there were fears last summer that if the site was approved for development it would lead to 'a single field' separating Radley and Abingdon.

Campaigners also worried about the impact on wildlife. 

Despite the site being approved by Vale councillors in May last year, the application is still listed without a final decision on the Vale planning website.