THE first look at a major new estate in North Abingdon has left Oxford Mail readers unimpressed with dozens sharing their concerns over the development.

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The 425 houses are the first phase of a 900-home scheme granted outline approval for land off Dunmore Road in 2017 by developer CEG.

Oxford Mail:

People were given the chance to look at the plans and quiz developers David Wilson Homes, which will build the homes with Barratt, at a public exhibition last week.

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The response from residents was mixed at the meeting but readers expressed multiple concerns.

Traffic, doubt over how truly affordable the 35 per cent 'affordable' housing planned will be, as well as how local infrastructure will cope, were some of the most common complaints.

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One user, under the name abingdon resident, commented: "The Clinical Commissioning Group said that Abingdon GP surgeries will not be able to cope with the extra people who will be signing on to the surgeries lists.

"The traffic will be horrendous. Not only for Dunmore Road but the cars will access the Southbound A34 via the Abingdon Ring Road and the Tesco roundabout.

Oxford Mail:

"This will halt cars coming from Ock Street and the Drayton Road."

Krustybiker, agreed with traffic fears, stating: "Why don't the council just close the town? Nobody can move now, what will it be like when these homes are occupied? After the last 200 on Drayton road, a traffic survey said it would "cause minimal extra traffic".

They said Drayton Road was now a 'disaster area', adding the original intention for the new site was opening up the A34 north junction which would have helped.

There are also fears about how the Fairacres Retail Park redevelopment will add to A34 traffic 

A lack of joined-up thinking was a criticism from many with user Matduck commenting: "I believe a bit of infrastructure is required! Abingdon needs a plan.

"The centre is just pubs and congested traffic. Leaders, please at least have a go!"

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