AN OXFORDSHIRE couple made dartboards out of politicians' faces in February 1968.

Mr and Mrs Bernard Young manufactured the game 'Hate' at their Didcot toy factory.

It came with four interchangeable targets – Harold Wilson, George Brown, Barbara Castle and General de Gaulle.

The game was played in the same way as regular darts except each player had to start and finish according to the 'party line', which varied in length depending on the strength of the target's political allegiance.

It also came with a series of snares and pitfalls, for example if you were playing with Mr Wilson and hit his pipe you had to return to the start.

Mr Young said: "Hate is a very skilful game.

"You have to be very clever to hate properly."

The game didn't feature any Tories because Mr Young felt none of the crop at that time - led by Edward Heath - had any real 'hate appeal'.

He was planning to expand the game into America.