A NEW dance school which councillors tried to stop from opening is dancing a step closer.

The group planning to run classes from an old warehouse unit at Wallingford's Hithercroft Industrial Estate have filed their parking plan for a final sign-off before they start welcoming students.

The company, who call themselves Brasher Lane & Davies, won planning permission in December despite objections from Wallingford Town Council over the safety of having students negotiating the traffic on the site and the loss of a potentially bigger employment site for the town.

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Local councillors also said there would not be enough parking space.

South Oxfordshire District Council gave the scheme the green light but said the group must provide a detailed plan of how parking would work on the site first, which they have now done.

Members of public can see the full parking plan and more details at southoxon.gov.uk using reference number P19/S0633/DIS.