BICESTER VILLAGE shoppers are allowed to enjoy the designer outlet with their pets - as long as they are in a stroller.

A post from a shopper online said the pet policy of the designer Village, in Pingle Drive in Bicester, meant his dog had to be pushed round the shops.

@matthewsinclair on Twitter said: "Thought I’d share a pic of my dog, Moriarty, who was forced to ride in a dog pram whilst at Bicester Village.

"I don’t know who was more embarrassed, dog or my kids."

Other people also tweeted of their surprise at the pet policy after spotting several dogs in strollers and one shopper spotting a cat in a backpack.

Bicester Village spokeswoman Miranda Markham said: "We understand that pets are important part of our daily lives and where possible we do allow dogs in our villages although certain boutiques do not permit any pets inside.

"Dog strollers, small specially adapted buggies are available at Bicester Village but are not suitable for animals over 10kg.

"These have been very popular with our guests and do mean that they can enjoy their shopping without leaving their pets in cars.

"We do of course welcome Guide Dogs in all areas."