THREE years ago traders in Little Clarendon Street in Oxford staged a street party in a bid to revive its fortunes.

Now a new committee has been formed, with the same aims, and is meeting on a regular basis.

One of the committee’s first events will be a street party on Monday, May 6, a Bank Holiday, when the street will be closed to traffic.

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John Mair, from Jericho, who is chairman of the committee, said its membership included traders, city councillors and representatives from Oxford University colleges.

He added: “Little Clarendon Street used to be known as ‘trendy street’ and it was a destination.

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“We want to see if we can boost footfall and get people talking about Little Clarendon Street as a destination again.

“There are a few empty units and if everyone works together I think we can achieve a lot.”

Mr Mair said one possibility in the long term would be to ‘part pedestrianise’ the street by banning traffic in the evening - possibly after 6pm.

Oxford Mail:

He added: “There are lots of good restaurants and cafes here - it’s a good place to go and there must be about 5,000 workers in the immediate area, with Oxford University Press nearby and university colleges.”

Mr Mair said Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, the Principal of Somerville College, was a member of the committee, together with a number of city councillors including Alex Hollingsworth, James Fry, Susanna Pressel and Louise Upton.

Independent shops and restaurants staged the first street party in 10 years in 2016 after vintage clothing shop Uncle Sam’s and Posh Frocks both closed.

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The committee has already met and will now meet on a regular basis.

Mr Mair said he hoped its existence would lead to improvements, including new lighting and flower arrangements.

He added: “I think it would be good to use North Parade market as a model - something similar could work in Little Clarendon Street.”

Gail’s Bakery and the Jericho Cheese Company are among businesses which have set up shop in the past few years.

Gail’s Bakery, which also has a branch in Summertown, is celebrating its second anniversary this month.

Oxford Mail:

Store manager Dan Treacy said: “I think the committee is an excellent idea - anything that can boost footfall in the street has to be a good thing.

“We are always busy - business is booming and we have a very good following.

“The street party on May 6 can be a blueprint for what will happen in the future.

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“It would be great to have regular events - perhaps something once a month.”

Demijohn, which sold whisky and wine, has now closed its branch in Little Clarendon Street but the business operates in other parts of the UK. Mr Treacy added: “Businesses do come and go - rents can be expensive but we are looking forward to a new business coming soon.”