OXCLEAN'S big Spring Clean will get underway this weekend, with the backing of dozens of groups from around the city.

At least 85 organisations have signed up and organisers hope to see more than 1,000 volunteers take part in cleaning up litter.

The Spotless Campaign encourages residents and businesses to keep pavements and gutters litter free.

Vernon Porter, from Oxford Civic Society, said: “The Spring Clean is an important part of our campaign to continually improve Oxford. We rid the city of a great deal of rubbish and encourage civic pride and responsibility at a grass roots level – hopefully fostering a change in behaviour and therefore reducing the litter problem over time.”

Adrian Moss, Oxford Direct Services’ streetscenes operations manager, added: “We’re a key partner working with the Oxford Civic Society to make the OxClean Spring Clean a big success.

"Ultimately our raison d’etre is the same as their’s – to make Oxford a lovely place to spend time in. And that means creating a rubbish free environment.

You can still register at oxclean.org.uk