THE junction where a car was forced to U-turn in heavy fog after going the wrong way has been described as a 'mess.'

The incident on Sunday morning has sparked a debate about the Milton Interchange with drivers calling for better road markings and signage.

WATCH: See a video of the dangerous U-turn

One commentator on the Oxford Mail website said he had seen a car complete a full lap of the roundabout going the wrong way in December before turning off for Didcot.

Amazingly no one was hurt in the incident which happened just before Christmas, according to the reader.

Another said they remember tackling the junction for the first time and having no idea which lane they needed to be in to get to Didcot.

Several people have called for drivers who go the wrong way up major roads to be stripped of their licences.

But others have said the junction itself is not to blame.

Instead they blamed the drivers who fail to read road markings and change lanes at the last moment.

Passing motorcyclist Paul Nicholas filmed a driver performing the dangerous manoeuvre across three lanes of traffic at 8am on Sunday.

Mr Nicholas had just turned off the roundabout and was heading towards the petrol garage when he saw the car pass in the slip road.

The car drove head-on into three lanes of oncoming traffic, and was heading towards the exit for A34 before Mr Nicholas intervened.

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Oxfordshire County Council converted the Milton Interchange into a hamburger junction in a 55 week project which began in January 2015.

The council has been contacted for comment.