A ONCE-LIVELY meeting place for rowers which now sits run-down and sad looking could be knocked down and replaced with a bigger ‘super’ version – but only if plans are given the green light by Oxford City Council.

As it is, members of the Falcon Rowing and Canoe Club, on Meadow Lane, meet at a 75-year-old timber shed.

It has changing facilities, a fitness room and some space to store rowing boats, canoes and kayaks.

But members and planners say that it’s not good enough, because of how the building has aged.

So, to commemorate the 150th anniversary since the club first swung open its doors, the team have decided to fork-out for a new ‘super’ club – where members can socialise off-water, get changed, work out in different gym-style rooms and store around 300 types of boat.

Here are some other plans submitted to Oxford City Council

Developers explained in the plans, which can be found on the Oxford City Council website, that most of the boats are stored outside and some even in storage containers – which if plans are approved will be turfed over.

The idea is that the new two-storey building will be a ‘super’ version of everything already on the site.

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Planners wrote: “The overall appearance of the current facility is very 'Heath Robinson' and testimony to the endurance of the club.”