THE prime minister was greeted by mocking protesters as she attended a closed meeting of the National Conservative Convention near Oxford yesterday.

Theresa May told Tory grassroots activists at the Oxford Belfry that she will not allow Brexit to be frustrated.

But demonstrators holding placards and a unicorn poured scorn on the prime minister's stance outside the hotel.

Mrs May's comments came after three cabinet ministers suggested they could support a delay to leaving the European Union.

Oxford Mail:

 Picture: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Tory members reportedly voted heavily in favour of not delaying the process and for 'no deal' to remain as an option.

Number 10 released details of her speech, in which she told supporters that the Government's focus on delivering Brexit must be "absolute".

She said: "Our focus to deliver Brexit must be absolute. We must not, and I will not, frustrate what was the largest democratic exercise in this country's history."

Eluding to the defection of 11 MPs - three Conservative and eight Labour - she continued: "We are not a party of purges and retribution. We called a referendum and let people express their views - so we should not be seeking to deselect any of our MPs because of their views on Brexit.

"Our party is rightly a broad church - on that and other issues. And we will only save our country from the threat of Jeremy Corbyn if we remain one."