OXFORD West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran has had her say on the new political group formed in Westminster this week. 

The Liberal Democrat said she wanted to extend a 'hand of friendship' to The Independent Group, which is currently composed of eight breakaway Labour MPs and three Conservatives. 

Asked by the Oxford Mail whether she might consider joining or merging with the party, Ms Moran said: “I’m very excited by this shake up in British politics. Liberal Democrats have extended a hand of friendship and have said we will work with them on issues where we agree like having a People’s Vote."


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Oxford's other MP, Labour's Anneliese Dodds, said she regretted the split and that her party 'need to work harder to regain trust amongst the Jewish community.'

Oxford Mail:

The 11 MPs, who are yet to announce a leader or any significant policies, range from pro-austerity former Tory Anna Soubry, to austerity critics like Luciana Berger, who cited anti-semitism in Labour as one of her reasons for leaving. 

The group are generally seen as pro-EU and ardently anti no-deal. The Lib Dems, meanwhile, support a second referendum. 

Ms Moran added: “As to what happens next, they aren’t a political party nor do I think the defections are over. So let’s wait and see who else joins them and what their platforms will be.”

There have been rumours that the group could merge with Lib Dems MPs, who they currently match in number. 

Oxford East's Ms Dodds said of the new party: “I regret that a number of Labour MPs have decided to leave the party. Obviously they have left for a number of reasons, including opposition to Labour’s approach to changing our unfair and unsustainable economy.

"In other cases though, individuals expressed genuine concerns about how the party has dealt with Anti-Semitism and clearly all those involved need to work harder to regain trust amongst the Jewish community.”

Earlier today, Labour MP Ian Austin quit his party, but refused to join the Independent Group.

The 12 MPs are not expected to fight by-elections.