SPECIALLY trained fire arms officers have said they use their first aid kits far more than their guns and see their role as protecting lives.

In a wide-ranging Twitter Q&A session the joint armed unit of Hants and Thames Valley Police answered questions from members of the public on Thursday night.

When asked what their biggest fear about the job is, officers replied: "This has to be where there is life lost. We are ultimately here to protect life."

Twitter user Mark Rampton asked: "What scenario decides between a taser and a firearm being used? Is it down to the individual officer to make that decision?"

Replying to this query, PC Chubb said: "It would be based on the threat assessment and the immediate need to save life. We only use a firearm when absolutely necessary to save life."

The unit also answered more light hearted questions including "Would you rather fight one man size duck or 10 duck sized men?" To which they responded 'we are going to duck this question.'

Asked what the best part of the role is PC Chubb said the nice cars while the worst part is the 12 hour night shifts.

The joint unit covers four counties including Oxfordshire.

Regular patrols have been stepped up and their presence has become more visible on the streets in recent years after terrorist attacks in London and Manchester.