A SPEECH choir has released a book featuring more than 70 poems written by young and old.

The group of over-55s meets weekly at The Paddocks, an extra care housing development in Milton-under-Wychwood, near Witney.

They perform spoken-word pieces of poetry, rather than singing.

John Drew moved with his wife, Gill, into The Paddocks just over two years ago.

He said: “I always wanted to write. I was a bit antisocial and having come to The Paddocks I wasn’t really keen on joining any classes, but my wife persuaded me to join the speech choir.

"I have never regretted it, it’s good fun, it gets the brain working."

Mary Blackburn, who is the oldest member of the group at 98, said: “I can’t imagine why I would have taken to poetry but I have.

"I can’t seem to do it too well, but I think as I go along I’ll improve. But really it’s a treat."

The book is £5 plus postage and all funds will be invested back into The Paddocks for residents.

It is available to buy from The Paddocks or by emailing elizabeth-rae.large@greensquaregroup.com