Trump the Musical couldn’t come at a better time.

Set in 2020, the show features the US President’s attempts to get re-elected, King Nigel Farage’s plan to sell the newly independent Scotland to Trump as a golf course, and an unusually romantic take on Russian collusion.

Truth may be stranger than fiction, but Blowfish Theatre hit gold when they brought the American satire to Oxford’s Offbeat festival last year. Unsurprisingly, it sold out.

Now back by popular demand, the fledgling theatre company brings the futuristic comedy to the Old Fire Station tomorrow, for anyone who missed it first time around.

Writer Laurence Peacock admitted however that making satire to match Trump was a real challenge: “We definitely had to raise our game. Just keeping up with all Korean nuclear ‘will they, won’t they?’ was interesting. Not to mention the Mueller investigation.

When you’re writing satire about the world leaders of 2019, you can go to some seriously strange places.

“If the show is silly, it’s because the politics behind it is getting absurd!”

But isn’t satire dead? “Ha. It might be,” says actress Polly Bycroft Brown, who plays the President, “but we are its twitching corpse and audiences love getting up close and personal with the President. There’s something cathartic about laughing at something so monstrous, because, without spoiling the ending, it doesn’t go well for The Donald.”

“Making satirical theatre is a mug’s game,” Peacock adds, “because it’s constantly going out of date. But there’s something really special about watching a live performance about something so contemporary.

“It’s not an experience that’s easy to find - up to date satirical theatre because audiences love seeing their world reflected back at them through humour.”

Trump the Musical is the second show from Sheffield based Blowfish Theatre. Formed in 2016 to make Boris the Musical, the company never expected to make a second show.

“We really didn’t think Boris would last six months,” said co-artistic director Kyle Williams. “But to form a satirical theatre company just three months before the election of the 45th President of the United States, one Donald John Trump, was a good move.”

Trump The Musical features a range of songs and styles from Composer Dominic Lo, from Putin’s disco number to Donald’s love song to Twitter.

“We try to keep things varied,” said Lo, “we’ve got Americana to drum and bass in there. It’s not your typical musical.”

The company also cast female performers in the principle roles with both Trump and Putin played by women. “It’s adds a really interesting dynamic,” says Natasha Lanceley, who plays the Russian President, “to see such monstrous macho figures played by women. And there’s a certain satisfaction to seeing Donald’s downfall, particularly when we get to the bits about “grabbing”.

Blowfish are also currently updating their first show about Britain’s most famous politiclown, to tour alongside Trump. “We’re really excited about Boris the Musical 2: Brexit Harder,” said Williams, “it’s going to be longer, blonder...worser.”

“We seem to have developed a niche for satirising blond demagogues in song,” adds Peacock. “Although they’ve got the different feel of their respective ‘heroes’, both shows are about puffed up narcissists and the way we’ve seen politics change on both sides of the Atlantic.

“There’s a real feel at the moment that everyone is doing whatever they can get away with. Politically, it’s not our cup of tea. But it is very good for business.”

After selling out at the Edinburgh Fringe last year, Peacock says. “It’s great to be back in Oxford. We’ve played to some really lovely audiences at the Old Fire Station in the past and we’re excited about bringing Trump back there again. Hopefully one of the university’s famously blond alumni will show his face again there too!”

Trump the Musical, Old Fire Station, tomorrow, 5.30pm & 7.30pm. or 01865 263990.