OXFORD has been named as the fourth best city in the UK to lead a healthy happy lifestyle according to a new lifestyle survey.

The survey looked at the facilities of 30 cities across the UK, with scoring based on the availability of things like gyms, fitness centres, green spaces, museums and even vegan restaurants.

With its abundance of culture Oxford came out above the UK's largest cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham

According to the list by insurance firm Protectivity, Portsmouth came out on top, with Norwich and Nottingham both scoring higher than Oxford.

Cambridge did not feature at all.

Here is the list in full with scores out of 100.

1 Portsmouth 71

2 Norwich 56

3 Nottingham 52

4 Oxford 50

5 Southampton50

6 Leicester 48

7 Manchester 48

8 London 47

9 Liverpool 43

10 Plymouth 43