A COUNCIL plan would see the minimum parking charge for on-street meters in Oxford go up from £1.50 to £4.

The proposal would see the option for 30 minutes' parking on-street removed completely, with the minimum spend changed to an hour.

Oxford County Council says it will be simpler and encourage more motorists to use its park-and-rides.

The idea is now out for consultation.

As part of the changes, paying for 30-minute on-street parking in metered lay-bys will be removed.

The council said that accounts for nine per cent of all motorists using its on-street car parking spaces.

It said it hopes those motorists will now be discouraged from driving into Oxford for short stays.

As part of the charges, any motorists parking in Oxford's inner zone for an hour between 8am and 6.30pm between Sunday and Friday will pay £4.

Any stay for up to two hours will cost £6.

Between 6.30pm and 10pm, any stay will cost £4.

On Saturdays, motorists parking for up to an hour between 8am and 6.30pm will pay £4.50 and £7.30 for up to two hours. Between 6.30pm and 10pm, any stay will cost £4.50.

To comment, visit the county council's website or visit its headquarters in New Road in Oxford before March 15.