RESIDENTS in Chipping Norton have thrown their support behind a potential fundraising appeal to bring their football club home.

Chipping Norton FC lost ownership of its land, on Waterbush Road, after using debt management service Minotaur Clubs Partnership in 2014 and now plays in Enstone.

A meeting at the town hall heard how criminal and civil cases are being put together against those revealed to have 'asset-stripped' the club out of their home.

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The club is setting up a committee to focus on the matter, while many people at the meeting said they would donate to an appeal if it helped bring the club back.

Chipping Norton FC's plight sparked a BBC Panorama investigation, which found 33 clubs across England and Wales who reported negative experiences using Minotaur.

Then treasurer, Adam Hunt, who first looked into the club's dealings with Minotaur, and the club have both been awarded sports awards from Chipping Norton Town Council.

Minotaur was one of several debt management firms run by Glyn Jones, who has denied all allegations.