A SECONDARY school is launching a new initiative to drive up attendance.

The Oxford Academy in Littlemore wrote to parents last week about the new scheme, which will see pupils categorised into a 'colour' rating from green to red according to their attendance.

In the letter, headteacher Andy Hardy wrote: "We have revised our procedures and will be working with parents and carers to improve attendance and punctuality.

"This is because research has shown regular attendance and good punctuality are crucial factors in pupils achieving their full potential.

"The Oxford Academy is committed to providing a full and efficient education to all, and encouraging our children to strive for excellence."

He said the school's target percentage for attendance is a minimum of 97 per cent, and he hoped parents and carers would support this ambition by ensuring their children attends every day on time.

Children will be given a colour rating of red, pink, amber, yellow or green, where red is the worst (below 89.9 per cent) and green is the best (above 97 per cent).

In an interview with the Oxford Mail in August, Mr Hardy outlined attendance as one of the key areas he hoped to improve.

Many Oxford schools cite attendance is an area that needs addressing.

Pupils in the county missed 80,546 days in the autumn and spring terms of 2016/17 due to unauthorised absence.