BUS passengers in Oxford can now watch YouTube using on-board wi-fi for the first time.

Oxford Bus Company has announced it has become the first bus operator in the UK to use new technology to improve wi-fi experience for passengers.

The bus company has partnered with RebelRoam, an 'on-board wi-fi traffic optimisation service provider' to enable the delivery of a better wi-fi service without increasing operating costs for data use.

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It means passengers will be able to stream video content more easily during their journeys with Oxford Bus Company, Thames Travel, Carousel Buses and the X90 to London.

It has also enabled access to YouTube for Oxford Bus Company passengers, which is commonly blocked by public transport wi-fi providers.

The company said that the increase in online video content had added a 'significant increase in pressure' to transportation providers budgets.

However, this collaboration has managed to reduce data consumption by 25 per cent and reduce Oxford Bus Company costs.

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The data consumption reduction is achieved by actively filtering out unnecessary background activities, automatic app updates and optimising video streaming services.

RebelRoam now provides an onboard wi-fi traffic optimization service to more than two million passengers a month with 30 transportation companies across 38 countries.