A LIB Dem politician was dropped from a Brexit debate in front of Polish students in Oxford today at the last minute due to 'negative attention' from a tweet.

Catherine Bearder, an MEP for the South East, was booked to be part of a panel discussion on the topic 'Brexit and Poland: Friends or Foes' with Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski.

The event is part of the Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK and annually gathers hundreds of students from the country studying at universities in the UK to hear about issues impacting them.

But yesterday, Ms Bearder's team received an email from organisers saying they would have to cancel her appearance 'due to circumstances beyond our control'.

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She initially took to social media to call for an explanation, eventually sending a tweet to the Oxford Mail saying she had been told the decision was made due to the 'negative attention' of a post she made on Wednesday.

The Oxford Mail has since seen emails confirming this was the explanation given and organisers had 'been asked' about the tweet, but did not say by whom.

In it she wrote: "I'm debating Daniel Kawczynski MP in Oxford this Saturday in front of Polish university students studying in the UK. When I say debating, I mean trying to put the little unicorns Daniel lets free every now and then back in their stables."

Her followers were quick to point out her counterpart in the debate was not without his own 'negative attention' from tweets.

The representative for Shrewsbury, who is a member of the pro-Brexit European Research Group, had claimed the UK received no aid from America’s Marshall Plan after the Second World War, though he has now admitted that was factually inacurrate and apologised.

The Oxford Mail has contacted the Oxford University Polish Society, which is organising the event, for comment.

Jakub Krupa, UK Correspondent for Polish Press Agency, responding to Ms Bearder's tweet said he had been told she had 'pulled out' of the debate.

The MEP has since said former Lib Dem councillor Stefan Kasprzak from Islington was asked to step in for her at the last minute.