ONE of Doctor Who's most dreaded enemies dropped in from outer space and landed in Oxford to mark 21 years since the science fiction series started, on August 31, 1984.

The then-script writer for the popular BBC series, Terrance Dicks, accompanied a costumed super villain to the Children's Bookshop at Oxford's Broad Street, where the robot Cyberman was duly accosted by local school children.

Mr Dicks was there to mark the release of a birthday programme special for the programme titled The Five Doctors.

Speaking at the time he said that while Daleks were the fan-favourite the Cybermen [pictured] came at a close second.

He went on to give a talk to fans at the book store and to discuss upcoming projects and future space adventures for the character.

Members of the Oxford Doctor Who Appreciation Society were also at the event, hanging on every word that one of the show's driving forces said, during the city visit.