A POLICE officer who had sex with a fellow PC and a woman who had previously been in his care while he was on duty has been banned for life.

A Thames Valley Police misconduct hearing yesterday concluded that PC Alan Russell, who was based at Abingdon Police Station, had used his power ‘for his own self-interest’.

The hearing at the force's Kidlington headquarters was held in front of a panel including legally qualified chairwoman Nicola Talbot-Hadley.

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The panel said he breached the police code of conduct as well as lawful orders and each breach amounted to gross misconduct.

Mr Russell used his police car, while on, duty to go to a fellow officer’s home in August 2017 and initiate sex.

The woman was on sick leave on the day, and Mr Russell used a work-issued mobile phone to stay in contact with her throughout the month.

Two months later, Mr Russell had an interview with a woman who he gave an adult restorative justice order to and was the lead officer in her case.

He later initiated inappropriate conduct with her by sending what the woman said were ‘flirtatious’ text messages from both his work-issued mobile and his personal phone.

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Mr Russell continued to send text messages to the woman from October 2017 until May 2018.

On May 10, 2018, he sent her messages saying he would see her, before driving to her home in his police car while on his night shift and engaging in 'consensual sexual conduct' with her.

The panel heard that the woman was vulnerable after her relationship broke down but Mr Russell targeted her nonetheless.

The woman submitted a witness statement on June 12, 2018, before Mr Russell received a phone call and a written order to attend a misconduct interview on August 22, 2018.

That month he was given a notice saying it had been alleged that he had engaged in sexual contact and that he must attend a misconduct meeting on 28 August 2018.

He did not attend either meeting.

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Log books and radio transmissions helped to confirm the police officer’s movements.

Mr Russell’s submitted resignation became effective the day before yesterday's hearing and he did not attend.

Evidence was not heard from the two witnesses as both the counsel and Thames Valley Police Federation agreed it was not needed.

The panel said he had not shown remorse and would have been sacked if he had not resigned the day before the hearing.

It said that Mr Russell had ‘abused his position while on duty for his own sexual gain’ and that his behaviour had been ‘consistent, planned and discreditable, and he failed to comply with lawful orders.’

He has been barred from working as a police officer for life.