CAMPAIGNERS calling for a people’s vote on Brexit attempted to enter a meeting for Conservative Party members hosted by Witney MP Robert Courts.

Several members of People’s Vote Witney, plus the prospective party candidate for West Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats Charlotte Hoagland, tried to attend the event at Witney Corn Exchange on Friday.

About a dozen campaigners stood in the Market Square with placards, after Mr Courts 'declined the opportunity to hear the views of the majority of local people’.

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The Witney constituency voted to remain in the European Union and Ms Hoagland said Mr Courts missed a chance to debate Brexit.

She said: “I thought it was going to be a great opportunity to hear his arguments and maybe offer a different perspective.

“If you’re only going to have conversations with like-minded people then you’re only going to agree.

“It’s really important that our MP listens to the public. Otherwise, it’s not a very fair dialogue.”

Oxford Mail:

Patricia White, co-founder of People’s Vote Witney, added protesters felt ‘aggrieved’ that the meeting was invitation-only.

The Charlbury resident also claimed that when the group previously asked the MP about a public debate on Brexit, he said he did not think it would be ‘constructive’.

She said: “He’s supposed to represent all of our views, but we don’t get any back and forth discussions and only see something occasionally on his website.”

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Mr Courts did not address the group's request for a public debate on Brexit, but played down the significance of Friday’s meeting.

He said: “This was a routine meeting of local party members. I have held countless meetings with constituents, including Mrs White of the ‘People’s Vote’ group, to discuss Brexit and will continue to do so.”