DRIVERS have described how they had to swerve between lanes to dodge a car travelling the wrong way on the M40.

A light blue hatchback was spotted going southbound the northbound carriageway yesterday afternoon, driving head-on into the path of oncoming traffic.

The car was seen in the fast lane near Junction 8 for Wheatley - one junction along from a fatal wrong-way crash that killed three people in October.

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Nazar Yousif shared a picture of the car on Twitter, saying the car was being driven by a woman who must have joined from the A40.

Police confirmed that they had received several calls about the driver, who was spotted shortly before 2.30pm. 

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Responding to Mr Yousif's tweet, Georgia Ratcliff said: "I was on the other side of the M40 when this happened and a lorry nearly jacknifed into me whilst watching this unfold.

"Luckily we managed to swerve out of the way, hope no one got hurt."

Marz Antony tweeted: "I passed her as she came down the slip road onto the motorway. I frantically flashed her but seemed totally unaware. Praying no one got hurt.

"Police were informed immediately.

"Seeing her driving into the fast lane in my rear view mirror was one of the scariest things."

Another driver added: "She was waving us all out of her way as if we were the ones getting it wrong!"

One woman said she also spotted the driver travelling the wrong way on the slip road, adding that she 'seemed totally oblivious'.

Ian Callaghan tweeted the Oxford Mail: "[She was] travelling eastbound on westbound A40 carriageway at speed in lane two, from Wheatley to M40.

"Ignored my flashes and horn as I dived for lane one, having luckily just overtaken a car."

Another Twitter user told us: "I saw her come down the slip road and flashed but she just passed me and entered the fast lane.

"[She was] completely oblivious and very dangerous."

Thames Valley Police said officers searched the stretch of motorway in both directions but believed the woman realised her error. 

The force is appealing for anyone with dashcam footage to come forward.